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April 18, 2008

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  1. Reference: Strober, M., Freeman, R., Lampert, C., & Diamond, J. (2007). The association of anxiety disorders and obsessive compulsive personality disorder with anorexia nervosa: evidence from a family study with discussion of nosological and neurodevelopmental implications. Int J Eat Disord, 40 Suppl, S46-51.



  1. Strober The association of anxiety disorders and OCPD with AN.pdf




We had a good discussion (and MORE cupcakes - thanks, Beth!) about this paper from Michael Strober's group. There has been a lot of conversation in recent months amongst ED researchers about nosology - disease classifcation - because of work being done on the upcoming DSM-V. The problem of nosology in eating disorders is a vexed one, and Strober's group takes some interesting data on rates of anxiety disorders in first degree relatives of probands with anorexia. The authors measured rates of seven anxiety disorders plus OCPD in rates of women with AN, and compared rates of those disorders in rates of first-degree relatives of acquaintances of the patients who did not have anxiety disorders.



Our next journal club meeting will be MAY 2ND at NOON in the MEYER 4 ACTIVITY ROOM. Please let me know if there are topics/areas you are interested in, and we will work on getting them included.



Please forward the link to this page to others who may be interested in attending.


Thanks, and I look forward to continuing the discussion.






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