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November 30, 2007

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  1. Main Reference: Steinglass, J. E., Eisen, J. L., Attia, E., Mayer, L., & Walsh, B. T. (2007). Is anorexia nervosa a delusional disorder? An assessment of eating beliefs in anorexia nervosa. J Psychiatr Pract, 13(2), 65-71.
  2. Background Reference: Eisen, J. L., Phillips, K. A., Baer, L., Beer, D. A., Atala, K. D., & Rasmussen, S. A. (1998). The Brown Assessment of Beliefs Scale: reliability and validity. Am J Psychiatry, 155(1), 102-108.



  1. Steinglass Is AN a Delusional Disorder.pdf
  2. Eisen The Brown Assessment of Beliefs Scale.pdf



Our inaugural ED journal club went well - there were 8 or 10 of us at the discussion, and tons of food - Thanks, Tim! I presented the article informally, and the conversation preceded apace. We discussed the idea of delusions as dimensional vs categorical phenomena, the interpretation of the results, including limitations of the statistics and the approach, and the potential utility of this kind of investigation in elucidating endophenotypes. An auspicious beginning, I say!



One of the things we discussed was the measure used to define 'delusionality,' the Brown Assessment of Beliefs Scale. Above find the article describing the measure. We won't discuss it unless you all want to spend more time, but it provides some helpful context.



Our next journal club meeting will be DECEMBER 21 at NOON. I will send out the article one week ahead. Janelle, Angela, and I were discussing how the group should proceed, and we all thought we should try to do groups of related articles so that we begin to build up a common ground of material on which to base our conversations. PLEASE let me know if there are topics/areas you are interested in, and we will work on getting them included.



Please forward the link to this page to others who may be interested in attending.


Thanks, and I look forward to continuing the discussion.






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